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These are pipes laid for the discharge of used water inside and outside the building.

The joining method is sealed. Since Dizayn's special gasket has double lips and retaining ring, it provides the sealing value of the standard with 800% excess. 64% of the reinforcement rust in the structures expressed in official figures in our country will decrease with the quality offered by these products.


It prevents disturbing noise in building installations thanks to its specially developed intermediate layer.

Tough and solid!

You will even feel the quality of Dizayn Wastewater Silent Nanotech pipes in your hand. It will make you feel its solid appearance with its plump appearance


Doesn't stretch!

Thanks to the special layer in the middle of the pipes, problems that may occur as a result of elongation and shortening are prevented.


Not crushed!

Wastewater pipes with strengthened underground strength; It was given a strong structure that could not be crushed.



With its layered structure developed with Dizayn Group technology, it is much more durable.

Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipes and Fittings Never Leak!

Dizayn Wastewater Silent pipes and fittings have double lip seals. The segment placed inside the gasket prevents the gaskets from leaving the channel while the pipe enters the muff. The memory gasket applies a force to the pipe to return to its former shape, thus sealing