Piyasadaki borulara göre oksidasyon sonucu bozulma özelliği çok düşüktür. Oksidasyon dayanımı olmayan borular uzun vadeli kullanıma uygun değildir. Piyasadaki yumuşak PE Borularda ‘’oksidasyon dayanım özelliği’’ bulunmamaktadır.


DIzayn PE 100 PIpes and FIttIngs


Polyethylene pipes are obtained from the raw material obtained after the polymerization process of ethylene gas obtained from petroleum. The number Pe 100 indicates 10.0RPa, which is the environmental stress (σ) value of the product. This value started from 32 and studies on Pe 125 continue. Since the increase of this value indicates that the strength increases, it means th...

DIzayn Corrugated PIpes and FIttIngs


Sewer pipes are a product produced from Polypropylene and Polyethylene raw materials in the Polyolefin group. Extruded décor pipes produced up to Ø450 mm diameter can be produced from polyethylene and polypropylene raw materials, while spiral corrugated pipes are produced from polyethylene. The ring strength va...

DIzayn SpIral Corrugated PIpes and FIttIngs

GENERAL FEATURES Sewage pipes are products manufactured from Polyproylene and Polyethylene raw material within Polyolefin group. While extruded corrugated pipe is produced from polyethylene and polypropylene raw material till Ø450 mm diameter, spiral corrugated pipes are manugactured from polyethylene. Because the value of ring ...

DIzayn PE 80 Natural Gas PIpes and FIttIngs


PE80 natural gas pipes are used in the parts of natural gas lines with 4 bar pressure. Natural gas lines consist of 20 bar steel pipe, 4 bar intermediate line and 0.4 bar indoor lines. Polyethylene pipes in composite structure have begun to be used for trial purposes in parts of 20 bar. Its use will become widespread with the establishment of stand...

DIzayn Geothermal PIpes and FIttIngs


They are pipes manufactured to prevent heat transfer of hot or cold fluid. Since the pipe consists of different material layers, it is included in the composite pipe class.

Geothermal pipes have three layers. The inner carrier pipe consists of a Polyurethane layer (PUR) as insulation material in between and Polyethylene (PE) pipe at the outermost as a protective sheath. The carrier pip...

DIzayn Sea DIscharge PIpes


Sea Discharge Pipes It is a product produced from Polyethylene raw material in the Polyolefin group. It is manufactured from Ø500 mm diameter up to Ø3000 mm diameter by spiral production method. Thanks to the high chemical resistance of polyethylene, it can provide service for 50 years without being affected by sea salt.

The alternative to these facilitie...

DIzayn ChemIcal Tanks

GENERAL FEATURES It is produced with spiral production method starting from Ø900 mm diameter to Ø3600 mm diameter. By the help of the high chemical resistance of polyethylene; it can also be used in the storage of the corrosive materials such as acid, base and salts. Because the product is completely hygienic, it can be used to store liquid food besides the water.

DIzayn Hes PIpes

GENERAL FEATURES HES pipes are used in the water supply in Hydroelectric Plants. HES pipes are without any alternatives in the transmission of the collected water to the plant without any loss. The products produced from HDPE raw materials can be produced up to 2600 mm diameter. In the projects which the transportation costs reach to higher values, the project costs ar...

DIzayn Butt WeldIng MachInes

INFORRATION ABOUT HEATER CONTROL DEVICE AND CONSIDERATIONS Information about Heater Control Device Heater control system used in welding machines is ENDATC1731 TP model. Pt 100 type thermocouple has been used in machines.  Its verification is ±% 0,5. The temperature control device works at 220 ± 35 Volt.