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ELITEPIPE is a product that is superior to all its equivalents and all the products you use for the same purpose, and it was developed by the strong staff of our Mir R&D Company as a result of "7 years of R&D studies". We would like to tell you about the products and raw materials you know so that you can perceive our product better. So; We optimized the weldability of PPR, the high temperature resistance performance of PEX, the flexibility of PERT and created a "brand new, completely different" HYBRID product. We believe this product will break new ground in the plumbing world. While developing this product, all of our knowledge including vaccination and molecular orientation has been used with precision. Without all these optimizations, a high-tech product of this level would not have come to light. These advantages are under patent protection. For years the plumbing industry has been struggling in a complete vicious circle. PPR, PEX, PERT products cannot meet the needs of the industry. ELITEPIPE was developed by Mir R&D, a sister company of Dizayn Group, as a remedy for this desperation. We would like to briefly introduce our R & D company that develops this and similar technologies. Our company's R&D structuring goes back 35 years. Today, it is in a formation with an integrated (holistic) R&D culture, which carries out R&D activities in the fields of Pipes including agriculture, energy, construction, defense and industry. 
1 - HIGH PRESSURE RESISTANCE AT HIGH TEMPERATURE: Your installations are safer at high temperatures. 
PPRC PN25: 50 Years Life 70 C ° 8,8 Bar
 ELITEPIPE PN25: 50 Years Life 70 C ° 11 Bar
2 - EASE OF SHIPMENT: Thanks to its ability to be coiled and coiled pipe, ELITEPIPE is shipped in coil form thanks to its easy opening feature. Coils can be shipped even with small vehicles and can be transported very easily with a single person. However, it is impossible to coil PPR pipes and open the pipe when we become coils. 
3 - IT DOES NOT BREAK EVEN COLD MINUS 40 DEGREES: Breaking and cracking in PPR pipes in cold weather is a common problem. ELITEPIPES and fittings are resistant to impacts and unbreakable even in very cold weather. With ELITEPIPE, material and moral damages on the breaking, cracking surface are eliminated.
4 - RESISTANT AGAINST CHEMICALS: It shows excellent resistance to chemicals used in hot and cold water installations. 
5 - WELDING LIKE PPR: Socket fusion welding feature is at the level of PPR pipes. 
6 - FLEXIBLE AND EASY SHAPED: It provides great ease of assembly with its easy shaping feature
7 - THE NEED OF ADDITIONAL PARTS IS VERY LOW: The need for Curvature and Coupling in the plumbing is zero, and the need for Elbow is close to zero. Thus, it will be possible to use 20 mm diameter instead of 25 mm in most installations. Engineers will welcome this important privilege with great enthusiasm and use it in project planning.
8 - REMOVES RISKS AFTER LEVELING: During installations where PPR is applied, if the plaster gauge shapes the plaster using a pointed trowel, many pipes are fatally injured during plastering after installation, especially when returning to battery connections. ELITEPIPE is much more resistant to trowel damage.
9 - FIRE PREVENTION: PPR pipes are shipped with 4 meters whereas ELITEPIPES are shipped in coils of 20 mm 60 m diameter, 25 mm 48 m diameter, 32 mm 24 m diameter. With this feature, "pipe waste" is also reduced to zero.
10 - REDUCES MATERIAL COST: ELITEPIPE installations cost is 15% less than PPR installations.
11 - REDUCES LABOR COSTS: Labor cost in installations made with ELITEPIPE is 35% less than PPR installations.