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Sewage pipes are products manufactured from Polyproylene and Polyethylene raw material within Polyolefin group. While extruded corrugated pipe is produced from polyethylene and polypropylene raw material till Ø450 mm diameter, spiral corrugated pipes are manugactured from polyethylene. Because the value of ring resistance in the same wall thickness is higher in polyproylene, it is more commonly preferred. Pipes with Ø500 mm diameter and more are produced with spiral method.  Dizayn group has corrugated spiral pipe producing technology  till 8.000 mm diameter.
While extruded corrugated pipes are joined with fittings, spiral corrugated pipes are with socket and spigot end, there is no need for fitting to join flat pipe.
Spiral corrugated pipes can be joined with electrofusion method as well as extruder welding, sealed method. This joining method makes pipes used under 0,5 bar pressure normally usable even in 4 bar. Thus pipes continue to work without leaking and being damaged in joining parts in case of increase in pressure encountered in rains turning into flood. 
Corrugated pipes are sold with 50 year lifetime warranty as they are not affected by corrosion, wear and its chemical resistance is high. They fulfill their activities without being affected by eafrth shakes such as earthquake thanks to their flexible structure. Because tightness is provided for pipe life, contamination of undergroung water and soil can be prevented. The pipe is not choked by tree roots.
Corrugated pipes have two different methods. They are manufactured on mandrel with extruder and spiral method in only one process without stopping. Production capacity of extruded corrugated pipes and ring resistance value is stable as the shape of the product can not be changed. Spiral corrugated pipes can be manufactured in optimum weight in required ring resistance value depending on the project.
Pipes consist of two layers, pipe layer inside and ribbed layer outside. The layer inside is the pipe with flat field carrying the fluid. Outer layer is in ribbed structure. Both layers are connected to each other as molecular. As the empty ribbed structure outside can carry load nearly as full structure according to physics rules, it is preferred to save raw material and decrease the weight of pipe.   
Extruded corrugated pipes get out of the extruder in two layers and the outer layer is shaped with molds. In spiral corrugated pipe, firstly the inner pipe are tubed by wrapping polyethylene in strips on top of the other on mandrel . Following that the product pulled as profile is wrapped onto the pipe and welding is ensured. Both products show monolithic feature with their welded structures.
- Because its is polyethylene and polyproyplene, it shows high resistance to corrosion.
- Its guaranteed life against outer impacts is 50 years at least and it can be used for 100 years.
- Because plastics are hydrolic smoothless, they show little resistance to fluid and the fluid flows with more occupancy. This decreases project costs due to selection of one sub diameter group within the project.
- There is no loss of product during application.
- Because its density is very low compared to concrete and cast, need for business machine goes down to minimum levels.
- It does not allow contamination of ground water and soil by depletion because its wear resistance is high.
- Even if the ground is covered with gravel, it flexes and prevents breaking.
- It does not allow these trees to leak to the channel and choke it.
- All joining parts allow special product to be produced for the project.
- It does not leak even 4 bar pressure when joined with electrofusion, not dispersed by removing from its place.
- It is not deactivated by being affected the shakes in the earthquake and breaking.
- It can be used in transition of river, lake and sea.
- It can be used in evacuation of pre treated water taken from treatment plants till marine streams of water.
Compression should be performed layer by layer to avoid any remaining space around the pipes while filling the channel. Make sure that bottom of the pipe is filled especially with filling material. If filling is performed by compressing well according to specification it fulfills its duty for its whole life as traffic and earth load coming to pipe are transferred to the filling. Otherwise, when there is space, the pipe carries in line with its capacity, collapses when it can not find any place to transfer above its forces. The same situation is also valid for steel pipes. Sliders such as soap and silicon should be used to insert pipes into fitting in sealed systems. Whether surfaces are clean or not should be controlled before electrofusion welding. Make sure that wires do not contact each other before welding. Service Life is 50 years under 0,5 bar pressure. It is not affected by Ultraviolet rays coming from sun because it is manufactured as carbon black.
1. What is its raw material?
It is produced from Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) raw material. PP gives more SR (ring resistance) value at the same wall thickness.
2. Why is it produced as ribbed?
When a load is put on an object with a certain thickness, the outer layer carried the most load. This value becomes zero in the center. Material of the part carrtying less load is saved. Pipe weight decreases in significant amount.
3. How many floors does the pipe have?
Those produced as monolithic consist of two layers. Rib formation is given to the outer layer. They can be manufactured in different profiles and many layers according to project in spirals.
4. What are the joining methods?
Corrugated pipes are joined till 450 diameter with sealed method. Spiral pipes are joined with electrofusion welds providing to use extrusion weld and till 4 bar pressure in upper diameters.