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The system consisting of pipes with nozzles or nozzles that spray water to the soil surface under a certain pressure and in the form of fine droplets (in the form of rain) is called SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEM.

In this system, which is one of the modern and effective irrigation systems of today, an irrigation efficiency close to rainfall is achieved by spraying the water into the air with a gun called "sprinkler". In other methods, water is given directly to the soil, from the surface or under the ground.

The sprinkler system usually consists of more than one sprinkler. When more than one sprinkler is used, each sprinkler pipe line is placed at predetermined intervals to achieve an evenly distributed irrigation.

In Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes and Fittings, PE100 raw material, which is the latest developed derivative of Polyethylene raw material, has a tensile value of 10 MPa. Thanks to the weight advantage of the raw material used, it provides convenience and time saving to our farmers in the transportation of the products.

In addition, as the inner diameter is increased, more fluid passes through the pipe and pressure losses are minimized with the smooth inner surface.

Heads of Dizayn Group, Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes and Fittings are combined with socket welding. The fact that the use of welding heat and welding can be controlled in socket welding applications provides a molecular union between the pipe and the fitting. In socket welding machines, the temperature can be adjusted with the temperature adjustment button, and the pressure is controlled by the taper in the welding plates. In this way, long-lasting resources are made. Pressure and temperature are not controlled, it may be negative such as burning of the material due to high temperature, failure to join at low temperature or low pressure. There is no controllable heating in the spin welding, it is done by simple machines. Uncontrolled pressure and temperature provided by friction is tried to be combined. Since the temperature will change according to many variables due to friction, it is not always possible to adjust it optimally. Poor quality resources cause rupture problems in the field.

Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes and Fittings provide an irrigation system that allows the water to boil and the transported water to fall to the soil in the form of rain in the irrigation of fields, vineyards and gardens. Pipes and fittings can be disassembled and placed in other areas after irrigation in one area. To configure pipes and fittings in Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Systems to have the lightness required by transportation and assembly installers, practical disassembly and assembly capability and high impact resistance.

It does not reduce the irrigation capacity due to the absence of cross-section narrowing in the welding made with socket welding. Unlike its competitors, socket welding is a method offered by Dizayn Group technology in a way that does not reduce the irrigation capacity, since the rotation welding does not cause external slag and bad appearance due to it, as well as there is no narrowing of the cross section. Thanks to the latch system, the products can be attached to each other and removed in a practical way. In order to reduce weight, plastic latches developed from special raw materials are used in all diameters. Our special latches developed from engineering plastics show the same strength as metal latches, their weight is 8 times lighter. With its new latch design, Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Systems provide the opportunity to be disassembled and installed very easily in the field. In addition, corrosion (rust) encountered in metal latches was prevented with plastic latches made of engineering plastic used in Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Systems.

In sprinkler irrigation systems, the weight of the pipes and fittings is of great importance as the places of the pipes and fittings are moved to change the irrigation areas. With the advantage of weight provided in all of Dizayn Group sprinkler irrigation systems, farmers can carry 8 pipes instead of 5 pipes in the field, and more area can be irrigated during the day with the time saving made without transportation

In rotation welding, a step is formed between the pipe and the heads. Diameter changes in the stages create turbulence in the flows and cause pressure loss. In addition, burrs formed in the joint cause pressure loss. Pressure loss means that water can be sprayed to less distance or less sprinklers can be attached. This means that the area that can be irrigated in one day extends to the second day. This is important as farmers can use their water resources depending on time. Such a level is out of question in Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Systems. Thanks to this advantage, much more sprinkler turns can be achieved with less energy. For example, in the irrigation system to be made with 75 mm pipes, when the pipes produced with rotation welding and Dizayn Sprinkler Irrigation System pipes are compared, it will be seen that 20% more land can be irrigated with Dizayn Group products.

Dizayn Group Sprinkler irrigation pipes are unbreakable since they are produced from high quality polyethylene. With this feature, they do not break even if they are passed over by vehicles such as tractors. In addition, Dizayn Group products do not have a problem such as sudden high forces that can be applied to rotation welded pipes, the pressure on the pipe breaking off the welding of fittings. Leakage, the first stage of rupture, may manifest itself or cause head rupture, on the other hand, in competing products from rotation that are subjected to the same pressure. When crushing or bending in products made of poor quality raw materials, if attention is paid to the areas where the pipe is folded, it will be seen that there are whitening. The reason for whitening means that a raw material with unsuitable tensile strength and ultraviolet (UV) resistance is used. Since Dizayn Group products are produced from original carbon black raw material and raw material with very high tensile strength, there is no whitening. With the carbon black substance added to the raw material, the product is not affected by the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Since carbon black is added to our products in the reactor, there is no loss of quality due to its inclusion during production, unlike competitors, it can be used for a much longer time without being affected by sunlight. In addition to the tolerance sensitivity in the fittings, the use of quality gaskets makes the product leak-proof.