Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Customer,

Your answering the questions below is of great importance in terms of being guide for studies to offer qualified service. Thank you in advance for showing interest and helping us.

1- Which products of our company do you use?
2- Are you pleased with these products you are using?
3- Would you evaluate the service you get from Dizayn Group?
4- In the light of your experience with us, would you think working with us again in the future?
5- Would you recommend Dizayn Group products to others?
6- Do you find products by Dizayn group different from similar products in the market?
7- Please indicate to what extent you agree with the definitions related to Dizayn Group.
Doing business together is easy.
It meets your needs.
It listens to your needs and understands well.
Letters and/or documents presented are sufficient.
It is easy to reach sales representative.
Firm employees are competent and have full experience.
As a customer you feel its value to you.
It offers quality in its products and services.
Products and services are delivered on time.
Training support after sale is sufficient.
Invoices are billed as proper and complete.
Invoices are sent on time.
Packaging is done as required.
You are proud of working with this firm.
It is a professional firm.
Its approach to problems occurred during work flow is customer-oriented.
I am pleased with general workquality of Dizayn Group.
8- Is there anything else would you like to add not included in this survey related to Dizayn Group?

9- Recommendations and Comments

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