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Dizayn Group also meets its followers in social media. We are always with you with Dizayn Group Facebook and Twitter pages via which the newest, the recent news are transfered immediately. Following Dizayn Group means you are closer to the newest and the most developed now.

Surprises in Dizayn!

March 2012
Dizayn Group whose followers increase every day increasingly, distributed dozens of presents via facebook page continues to distribute. A Dizayn follower won a netbook with the campaign held in new year. Patented Dizayn welding machine inevitable for experts and textile products with Dizayn logo were awarded to dozens of Dizayn follower as home delivery.

Matches are so joyful with Dizayn Group!

December 2011
The first name, that comes to mind, of great projects and high quality products Dizayn Group shared the excitement at the peak of football with its all users and all other fans. Having given 3 VIP tickets for derby played between Galatasaray- Fenerbahçe on 6th December, Dizayn Group led exciting moments among its followers on Facebook and Twitter before derby. The first three persons giving true answers to the questions asked via Facebook and Twitter won VIP ticket for derby with the campaign announced the day before the match.

Winners of the tickets for derby:
Betül Çelik
Murat Aslan
Levent Bargan

Having came from Uşak with his two friends for derby and visited our headoffice, Murat Aslan took delivery of his ticket by hand. We congratulate him and other winners once more.

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