Risk Management

Risk management is performed under three main headings in Dizayn Group, a subsidiary of Mir Holding and represented at the level General Manager Assistance:

- Operational risks

- Market risks

- Credit risks

Dizayn Group mixes Risk Management Principles adopted, the phenomenon that possible negative effects must be kept in minimum level in evaluating potential opportunities its own culture of organization and manages it.

Risks are determined in line with objectives of the organization, measured and reduces to the minimum. Risks at acceptable level are observed in a disciplined way.

Identifying risks using from dud, protested bills and black list query modules online, guaranteeing dealers, determining credit limits, managing orders in SAP environment, managing administrative follow up and legal process of valuable letters, take measurements against spreading and sharing risk and sharing risk reports with management constitute a part of our risk management approach.

Risk management is independent of its decisions. Understanding of risk management is adopted and supported in the institution by the highest level.

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