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New Products

Dizayn Group continue to add new ones to its products over 4 thousand every day.

Some of our newest products offered to the market with Dizayn quality...


Spherical Water Valve

Spherical valves with brass body in compliance with TSE, designed for liquid installations.

Natural Gas Valve

Spherical valves with brass body in compliance with TSE, designed natural gas installations.

Collector Valve

Record valves with brass body used to turn on/off entry water to collector.

Valve Gear with Butterfly Sleeves

Valve with inner screw, full bore to be used in irrigation installations for the purpose of air, fuel and agriculture in hydrolic, pneumatic systems of industrial fields , gas (excluding flammable gas), hot and cold water installations.

Swing Checkvalve

Brass material that can be mounted horizontally and allows one way flow in the line it is installed.

Piston Valve

Type of valve to regulate flow of water (hot-cold) in water installations with water.

Vertical Checkvalve

Spring checkvalve which can be mounted vertically and horizontally and allows one way flow in the line it is installed.


Y-type strainer which was developed to filter impurities in pipe lines and can be dismounted easily and cleaned.

Self- Valve Metal Collector

Collector with brass body which provides distribution and collection of water coming from the main linet o other lines in underfloor, cold and hot water installations. Brass (Yellow) and Nickel models are available. Measurements of product is 1” / 16*2, has number of mouths from 2 to 15.

Profile Angled Downpipe

Manufactured from U-PVC raw material in compliance with TS EN 607 standard and used to carry contaminated water and rain water in corner descents. They are in sizes of 100x70 and in lengths of 0,5 m, 1m, 2m, 3m snd 4m and self-socket.

Profile Angled Down Additional Parts

Profile Angled Elbow

Profile Angled Single Elbow

Profile Angled Double Elbow

Rectangular Sleeve


Plastic Checkvalve PVC used to prevent entry of insects and contaminated water to waste water line under ground outside the building. There are 110 mm, 125 mm, 160 mm and 200 mm diameters of Checkvalve with cover PVC and Locked CheckvalvePV, 110 mm and 125 mm diameters of Locked CheckvalvePP . They are in accordance with TS 275-1 EN 1329-1.


Product line which have grids in sizes of 10x10 and 15x15 with models with side and bottom output, plastic and stainless steel grids.


Floor drains with stop having anti-odor, plastic and stainless steel grid mechanism.


Series was created as normal, laundry outlet and stop increments as Ø 32 mm output scale, stainless steel grid.


Series of plastic pipe cutter which has 3 times longer life as TYPE1 and TYPE2 and high quality blade.

PEX Angled Radiator Valve

Angled radiator valve with 16x2 input which give opportunity in Pex-b pipes connections.

PPR Flat Radiator Valve

Flat type PPR valve designed to adjust flow of hot water coming to the radiator.

PPR angled Radiator Valve

Angled type PPR valve to adjust the flow of hot water coming to the radiator.

Dual Battery Connection

Used in transmission efficiently of hot and cold water to batteries in bathrooms, its mounting is easy and and an ideal solution for under plaster applications.

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