Indoor Clean Water Systems

Dizayn PPR clean water pipe and its additional parts providing healthy and long lasting solutions in plumbing offer numerous advantages with HI-TECH series.
Polyethylene crosslink (PEX) pipes can be used in hot water and cold water lines. Pipes produced from polyethylene raw material does not resist to hot fluids with their normal structures.
Oxy Plus Boiler technology of which has been developed by Dizayn Group is the assurance of your heating and boiler installations
A Breakthrough in PPR Pipe: Elit Pipe!

Indoor Wastewater Systems

Our extra resistant wastewater pipes are manufactured from Polypropylene (PP) raw material.
Offering both endurance and silence with its 3 layered structure, Wastewater Silent - Nanotech 2 Pipes are presented to you by Dizayn Group.
We keep rain water from your building and evacuate in the direction you demand.

Indoor Heating Installation Systems

Oxy Plus Boiler technology of which has been developed by Dizayn Group is an assurance of heating and boiler installation...
Dizayn Pex-B Plus pipe and its additional parts which can be applied to underfloor heating and mobile systems can resist till 50 years.
Oxygen barrier quality added to Pex-B pipes enlonges life of installation.
Pex-B pipes can be both applied and carried easily thanks to Dizayn Pipe In Pipe system.

Radiator Product Group

Durable, long-lasting and guaranteed heating is in Dizayn Steel Panel radiators...
Long-lived, decorative heaters