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Upper Structure Product Groups

Where to Use, Considerations and Service Life

The product is used in underfloor heating systems, mobile heating systems and mobile plumbing systems. Because it is manufactured as coils and with its flexible structure, its applied easily to the floor as appropriate for tile shapes. It is used within casing pipe in radiator systems called as mobile installation. There are several advantages of sheath. Thanks to air space between casing pipe and plastic pipe, heat is reached to radiator without losing on its way. It prevents the pipe from being damaged by sharp objects. When any leakage in pipe occurs because of any reason , pipe is removed from the sheath and replaced with new pipe.

Hot water reaches from heat source to upper floors with columns. Collector in each flat carries water in the line to underfloor heating pipes or radiators with its mouthpieces. Rotation mouthpiece of the pipe enters a second collector and reach return column.

These pipes are also used in plumbing. Hot and cold water ouputs are taken by battery terminal product.


Any air space should not be left between alum and pipe in case of ground floor. This forms a heat curtain and reduces the yield.

Wedges should be used certainly behind the corner turning product in 90° elbows in bottom part of collector inlet and outlet. This wedge is breaking point in expansion during heating cooling. The wedge prevents this expansion and does not allow this breaking.

Inlet port of valves near radiator should face down. In this way, the pipe makes a 90° angle so that mounting can be provided. If the port faces the wall, the angle shall be 180°. Such turning in a small diameter is not appropriate for the structure of the pipe. This situation forms a great voltage in molecules of the pipe and weak point appears. Uncontrolled increases in pressure and temperature may cause explosion as wells potential cracks in pipe depending on the ambient conditions.

Sharp turns are not recommended when casing pipes are installed. Otherwise, new pipe can not be passed into the sheath in pipe replacement.

Service Life

It is guaranteed for 50 year in 20 °C under  PN12,5 bar pressure. When the graphs within the Standard of the product is examined, it is seen that its life is 50 years in 95 °C’de PN11 bar pressure.