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Upper Structure Product Groups

Where and How to Use

The product is used in under plaster, on the plaster and underground in evacuation of waste water and rain water. What is required by standards is it does not leak under 0,5 fluid pressure and not break because of a certain impact. Not having these features gives harm to all other building Stones and ends the life of the building.

Pipes and fittings combine each other with the help of joint system. Products are installed by pushing with hand. Because tolerances of pipe-joint are high in these products, if slider is dragged and pushed with  90 °, mounting can be performed without spending force. Joint should not be removed from its place definitely. Range of pipe clamps should be adjusted in horizontal and vertical lines in compliance with standards.  

Wastewater Extra Pipedown Application

Dizayn Group eliminated problems of leakage and breaking which are your biggest sources of problem in waste water pipes with EXTRA PIPE produced by Dizayn Group. The feature of leakage and not breaking the most significant function required from pipe became excellent.   

There are considerations during furnishing in EXTRA PIPE, as well as the considerations in each product. Unless the factors stated below are not considered, images disturbing the eyes may be formed although it does not affect main functions.

Here are the steps to avoid image distortion:

Clamps should be put both sides of joint point of pipes and fittings as seen in Figure 1.

Clamps should be put in the beginning of socket at both sides in transition points and 30 cm distance should be at least between these clamps.

Clamp should be put with max 1 m spaces after transition points and line should be fixed to the wall. 

Clamps stop the pipe during elongation. All force in the clamp is met by the screw which fixes to the wall. Therefore, the screw should have big gears and attached to peg which passed tightly

When a 10 °C difference in temperatures of plastic pipes 1 m elongates as 1,5 mm. If waste water pipe furnished in 10 °C in winter is exposed to sunlight and rises up to 50 °C, temperature difference is 40 °C and the pipe wants to elongate 6 mm. The clamp tries to hold the pipe with compression force. When friction weakens the pipe elongates as the difference. The pipe should be left as soon as it passes the joint to meet this elongation. Because it shall shrink in winter when it is the longest in summer, it should be inserted till the end of socket area to prevent coming out of the pipe.

In raindowns in this way, ther shall be no deflection due to hot or removal from its joining parts due to cold. This is the correct flooring in application.