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Upper Structure Product Groups

Where and How to Use, Considerations

Where and How to Use

The product is used in evacuation of water used in and out of the buildings and rain water. It is used in applications especially elements to increase comfort gain importance due to sound production. Value of the noise in wastewater installations is required to be under 30 dBA according to DIN 4109 standard. Dizayn Silent Pipe and its additional parts provide sound insulation in installations in accordance with this Standard.

Pipes and fittings are joined by means of sealing. Products are fitted by pushing with hand. Because pipe-sealing tolerances are high in these products, if the slider is driven and pushed with 90° angle, mounting can be performed with low effort.

Seal should never be removed from its place. Clamp intervals should be set in accordance with Standard in horizontal and vertical lines.


PP is in crystallized structure (glassy) under 0°C.

·         While tubing spigot side slider should be installed by driving.

·         Pipe should be installed by pushing in an angle close to 90° to socket, otherwise it can drag the seal towards inside.

·         If especially flooring is made to sun exposed side, the pipe should be pushed to the end of socket in summer and it should be left when the end portion enters in winter to prevent elongation from causing deflection. Before inserting the pipe, how much it shall enter from the outside should be marked with a marker.

·         Cracks occur during eartquake shakings in earthquake zones. So, PP pipe should be used instead of rigid pipe in order not to encounter humidity.

·         There is no need for adhesives used in other pipes. It is harmful.

·         If stocking is made exposed to the sun, it must be ensured that pipes are straight in an environment with clamps. The temperature difference between upper and lower surface of the pipe may cause deflection. 

·         Mounting without seals should be avoided removing seal and fastening ring to ensure leakproofness and it should be ensured that there are no dirts such as dust, sand in sealing zone.