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Upper Structure Product Groups

Where and How to Use, Considerations and Service Life

The product is used in bearing clean water (hot-cold) within building. It is not recommended to use in central heating systems. The products required to use in central heating systems are oxy plus boiler pipes with aluminum foil.

The products are furnished in the buildings according to the diametres stated by the engineers. They are applied as plaster and subsoil. Pipes are manufactured in lengths of 4 m. PPR pipe and its fittings are welded with socket source. Fittings made of metal parts are used for welding with metal products in the line.

In cases such as solar collector applications where the product is exposed to sun rays, insulation is recommended to be within the scope of product warranty.

When water within the PPR pipe turns into ice, it does not burst with the ability of flexion. However, while ice is increasing its volume, it compresses pressurized water. This compression may rise up to 80 bars momentarily. Within this case, pipe may burst because of the pressure within the water.


PP is in crystallized structure (glassy) under 0 °C.  In this case, it should not be exposed to any impact. Do not carry by throwing during shipping. Otherwise, the pipe may crack. In the regions where weather conditions are very cold, the risk to crack rises. Therefore, Dizayn PPR Plus pipe with more impact resistance should be used.

If installed and tested buildings are not used in winter period, valve should be closed so that water does not turn into ice and PPR pipe does not burst creating high pressure in unfrozen water with increase in volume.

Welding process should not be done under 5°C. Because when the heated product is removed from the threader, solidification on the surface occurs as a result of sudden cooling on heated surface. Because that causes cold welding, it hinders welding area from showing resistance to pressure.

Pipe and fitting shoul not be passed on to each other by rotating during welding after heating from threader. Correction should not be done because there is curvation, distortion.

Necessary measurements should be taken in installed buildings where installation pressure test has been done so that pipes shall not be exposed to any impact.

If the teflon of the threaders are worn, sheets should be changed.

Service Life

Dizayn ppr pipe and its fittings are 50 year warranty in 20 °C under 20 bar pressure. In cases that fluid is hot, it is determined considering life table depending on temperature and pressure that how long the product shall be used without any problem.