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Agricultural Irrigation Product Groups

Sprinkling Irrigation Pipe and Fittings


The system consisting of pipes with nozzles or heads that spray water onto soil surface under a specific pressure and in shape of small drops (as in rain) is called SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEM.

In this modern and efficient irrigation system, water is sprayed upward by a gun called “sprinkler” and irrigation efficiency similar to rain is achieved. In other methods, water is given to soil directly from the surface or underground.

Sprinkler system usually consists of more than one sprinkler. When more than one sprinkler is used, each sprinkler pipeline is installed in distances determined before and this way the irrigation water is equally distributed.

Sprinkler is operated by mounting on an extension pipe connectedto connector called “Abot” placed on the pipeline. Thanks to the spherical valve connected between the extension pipe and the sprinkler, the relevant sprinkler can be disengaged at any time.


Dizayn ¾” Sprinkler, Technical Specifications

PE100 raw material, which is the latest advanced derivative of polyethylene with a tensile value of 10 MPa, is used for producing Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes and Fittings. The weight advantage of the raw material provides convenience and saving on time for farmers while carrying the products.

In addition, now that the inner diameter is increased, more liquid can pass through the pipes. And pressure loss is minimized thanks to the smooth inner surface.


Heads of Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes and Fittings are attached by means of socket welding. The ability to control the welding temperature and pressure during socket welding applications provides a molecular attachment between pipes and fittings. The temperature can be controlled with the temperature adjustment button on the socket welding machine and pressure can be controlled with the taper on welding sheets. In this way, long-lasting welding can be performed. If temperature and pressure are not controlled, the materials can burn due to high temperature or joining may not occur due to low temperature or low pressure. Friction welding does not controllable heating; it is performed with simple machinery. Pipes are tried to join using the uncontrolled pressure and temperature produced by means of friction. As the temperature caused by friction may change due to many variants, optimum adjustment is not always possible. Welds of poor quality cause breakage in the field.

Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes and Fittings offer an irrigation system that enables water carried from the water source by pipes to fall on soil as rain drops while irrigating farmlands, vineyards and gardens. Pipes and fittings are dismantled after an area is irrigated and placed in other areas. Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation System pipes and fittings are designed to have the lightness needed by farmers during installation, the ability to be practically dismantled and installed and high impact resistance.

Socket welding does not decrease the irrigation capacity as no constriction occurs. Cinder occurring on the outer surface and the resulting bad appearance in friction welding as well as constriction do not occur in socket welding. Therefore, it is a method offered by Dizayn Group technology that does not decrease the irrigation capacity as opposed

to its opponents. Products can be attached to and removed from one another thanks to the latch system. Plastic latches of all diameters produced from special raw materials are used in order to decrease weight. Our special latches made of engineering plastics have the same strength as metal latches and they are 8 times lighter. With the new latch design, Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Systems can be easily installed and dismantled in farmlands. . In addition, corrosion formed on metal latches is prevented by plastic latches made of engineering plastic used in Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Systems.


As sprinkler irrigation system pipes and fittings are carried to change irrigation places, the weight of pipes and fittings becomes highly important. With the weight advantage offered in the whole sprinkler irrigation system of Dizayn Group, farmers can carry 8 pipes instead of 5 pipes in farmlands and more land is irrigated within the day thanks to the time saving in carriage.


Levels are formed between pipes and heads in friction welding. The diameter differences in the levels form turbulence during flows and cause pressure loss. In addition, burrs formed on joints cause pressure loss. Pressure loss means that water will be spread to a smaller distance and fewer sprinklers can be attached. This causes the area that can be irrigated in one day to be delayed to the other day. This is important because farmers can use their water sources depending on time. Such levelling does not occur with Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Systems. This provides more sprinkle rotation with less energy. For instance,

when Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation System pipes are compared with pipes made using friction welding in an irrigation work carried out with 75 mm pipes,20% more land can be irrigated with Dizayn Group products.

Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation pipes are unbreakable as they are made of high quality polyethylene. Thanks to this feature, they do not break even when they are run over by vehicles such as tractor. Besides, the pressure formed on pipes when sudden high force is applied breaks the fitting welding on friction welding pipes, which is not the case with Dizayn Group products. Leakage, the first stage of breakage, occurs on rival products with friction welding under the same pressure or heads may break off.

When products made of low quality raw material are crushed or bent, you can see white spots around the folding points. The whitening means that a raw material with insufficient tensile and ultraviolet strength (UV) has been used. No whitening occurs as Dizayn Group products are made of original carbon black raw material with very high tensile strength. Thanks to the carbon black substance added to the raw material, the product is not affected by ultraviolet beams of the sun. As the carbon black substance is added to products in a reactor, the quality decrease observed when it is added during production does not occur.

Our products can be used without being affected by sunlight for a longer time than rival products.

The product have a very high retention capability thanks to the high quality seals used as well as the tolerance sensitivity on fittings.