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Agricultural Irrigation Product Groups

Production Features, Advantages, Where And How To Use, to be Considered



PE 100 pipes are produced in the machinery group called extruder and the heads are produced by specially designed socket welding. Fittings are shaped by moulds in injection machines and then their heads are joined by socket welding.

Latched Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes of Dizayn are produced in 5 m or 6 m sizes in six different diameters of Ø75, Ø90, Ø110, Ø125, Ø140 and Ø160 and with three different pressures of PN4, PN5 and PN 6.


• They do not break thanks to PE 100 raw material.

• The risk of leakage through heads is prevented by socket welding performed with temperature and pressure control.

• It is highly resistant to sunlight as raw materials containing UV are used.

• They are practical to attach and remove.

• They are light; more pipes can be carried. This way these pipes save time while carrying for changing the irrigation area.

• More space can be irrigated thanks to their smooth inner surfaces.

• More sprinklers can be attached and thus more space can be irrigated.

• They are designed to be installed with products of other companies when necessary.

• Pipes are not affected by crush; leakages from joints occurring under sudden force (e.g. when a vehicle runs over) are prevented.

Places and Methods of Use

Products of Dizayn Group Sprinkler Irrigation Systems are used for taking water from source to the farmland and irrigating the plants in the farmland and also as main pipes in drip irrigation systems. The products can be attached to and removed from one another easily with the help of the latch system. Latches hold on to heads with a spring mechanism. The pressure inside the jointed pipes pushes the male pipe out. The thrust is repelled by the

strength between the latches and heads.


The distance between two laterals must be maximum 65% of the wetting area width (wetting diameter) of sprinklers under conditions without strong wind (< 2 m/s).

Layout Wind speed Distance between sprinklers (lateral)
Square or rectangular Less than 2 m/h 0.65 d
2 m/s 0.60 d
3.5 m/sn 0.50 d
Triangular Less than 2 m/h 0.75 d
2.0 0.70 d
3.5 0.60 d


d: Wetting diameter of one head

There primary approaches are very important for sprinkler irrigation systems.

1. Having the biggest irrigation interval (decreasing workmanship costs)

2. Keeping the lateral number at a minimum (decreasing the system cost)

Points to Take into Account

• The seal socket must be cleaned before the seal used for pipe connection is attached. The seal must be properly placed in the socket. No soil particles must be left on any part of the seal for complete retention. ES must be used after Motor-pump outlet. The ES used prevents the motor vibration from being relayed directly to the sprinkler pipe system.

• The high pressure formed in motor-pump outlets may cause pipe seals to pop out. The pressure must be kept under control using a manometer. The pressure values promised in this catalogue and written on pipes are under warranty. The problems occurring when the determined pressure values are exceeded are not included in the warranty.

• Pressure is very important for the system to operate efficiently. Pump selection and use must be handled carefully.

• If foreign substances seep into the system from the water source, the water in the system must be discharged by keeping open the blind plugs at the end of the system.

• The system must be used at low flow rates in the beginning. The main pipe and laterals must be filled with water in the meantime.

• In order to prevent foreign substances from entering the sprinkler irrigation system, a filter appropriate for this purpose must be attached to the end of the pump manifold pipe. This is vey important for preventing the clogging of sprinklers.

• Lateral pipes must be installed as vertical to main lines.

• When the system is dismantled at the end of the season, all parts must be separately cleaned, dried and stored. If they will be used in a fixed system, all water inside the system must be discharged at the end of the season.

• The flowing direction of water in the system must be from the male part (the part with latch) of the pipe to the female part of the other pipe. As a result, the system will be completely watertight and pressure loss will be reduced.

Service Life / 5 Years of Warranty

Products of Dizayn Group Agricultural Irrigation Systems are under warranty for 5 years against faults resulting from raw materials and production. Problems resulting from misuse, impacts in the field and failure to follow the guidance stated under the title “Points to Take into Account” are not included in the warranty.