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Dizayn Wastewater Silent - Nanotech 2 Pipes and Fittings

General Qualities

Dizayn Wastewater Silent-Nanotech 2 Pipes and fittings are used for drain of wastewater inside and outside the building.

Connection method is with gasket. Because dizayn special gasket is with double lips and detection circle, it provides tightness value of the standard with % 800 more The fact that % 64 corrosion of reinforcement, stated with official numbers in our counry, shall be drawn down with the quality these products offer.

Prevents disturbing noises in in-building installments by its specially developed interlayer.

Firm and strong
You will feel the quality of Dizayn Wastewater Silent-Nanotech 2 Pipes even when you hold them before anything. It will make you feel its strength by its firm look.

Keeps its length
Thanks to the specially developed interlayer inside the pipes, problems may be caused of elongation or shortening are prevented. 

Cannot be squeezed 
Increased their resistance underground, Dizayn wastewater pipes are equipped with a non-squeezable, strong structure. 

More resistant thanks to its three layered structure developed by Dizayn technology.


Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) and Spare Parts Never Leaks
Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) and Fittings have double lipped seals. Clip placed in the seal prevents the seals to quit from the channels when the pipe place to pipe socket. Smart seal applies force in order to return to its former shape and by that way tightness is enabled.

Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) Conforms to the Inflammableness Standards and Pipe and Its Fittings does not Contain any Toxic Gases
Inflammableness Class of Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) conforms to DIN 4102 norm. It is prevented that at the time of fire Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) and Its Spare Parts does not exhaust any toxic gas (HCI. Etc.). Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) has high ring rigidity and impulse resistance.

Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (NanoTech) and Spare Parts is Carried with Storage Clip
Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (NanoTech) and Spare Parts is Carried with Storage Clip Special clip system, a patent product of Dizayn, makes the carriage and the storage of the pipes practical; removes the loss amount in building site conditions.

Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) has been developed for High Ring Rigidity, Underground and Indoor Uses
Inner and exterior layer of Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) produced with layers are made from Polypropylene raw material while middle layer is made from improved Polypropylene. Thank to middle layer round underground is prevented; thanks to exterior Polypropylene layer impulse resistance of the product increases.

Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (NanoTech) and Spare Parts are Resistance to Earthquake
Oscillatory motion that is caused by the earthquake causes cracks in the wastewater pipes and breakages in adhesive areas. Wastewater that leaks from the pipe causes moisture, oxidation on iron and concrete sections of your building. Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) prevents all such risks.

Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) is Tested with Leaking "U" test
TSE oblige the “U” test with 05, bar to wastewater pipes. Dizayn Wastewater Silent Pipe (Nanotech) preserves its leaking feature even at 4 bar of tests.


Reliable and economic solutions for indoor, rain landing and underground systems!

- Wastewater Silent Pipes (Nanotech) are developed for high ring stiffness and underground and indoor use. Wastewater Silent Pipes (Nanotech), developed with 3 layers, are produced with Polypropylene raw materials in inner and outer layers and the middle layer is developed from advanced Polypropylene raw material. The middle layer prevents underground rounding and the outer Polypropylene layer increases the impact resistance of the product.

- Wastewater Silent Pipes (Nanotech) complies with DIN 4102 inflammableness class code. The products in B2 inflammableness class do not emit any toxic gas (HCI, etc.) during fire.

- In wastewater assembly, the extension and shrinking  problems caused by temperature difference are minimised with Wastewater Silent Pipes (Nanotech). The special layer in the middle of the pipe prevents installation problems arising from extension and shrinking.

- It has double lip gasket.

- It has detection circle preventing removal of gasket during mounting.

- It shows high resistance to chemicals.

- It is lighter than other waste water pipes.

- It is stocked with clamps preventing wastage in the worksite and makes it easy to carry.

- It is mounted easily.

- It can be upholstered in a short time.

- It has 50 year guaranteed life.

- Corrosion does not occur.

- It does not react with minerals and its diameter does not shrink.

- It is not oxidized and does not pollute rain water.

- It does not crack by ice under 0°C with its elastic structure.