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Upper Structure Product Groups

Dizayn Wastewater Extra Pipe and Its Additional Parts

General Qualities

They are the pipes used inside and outside the Building and upholstered for drain. Polyolefin group is produced from raw material. Pipes used widely in the market are manufactured from PVC raw material with many negative features. Waste water pipes produced from polyolefin group raw materials when necessary awareness occurs in our country as well as in Europe and many developed countries shall superside waste water pipes manufactured from pvc raw material.

Joining method is with gasket. Because dizayn special gasket is with double lips and detection circle, it provides tightness value of the standard with % 800 more. The fact that corrosion of reinforcement, stated with official numbers in our counry, shall be drawn down with the quality these products offer.

Fracture is not observed as in alternative products thanks to the quality of its raw material. Because filling material is not added inside, it is used without making concessions. Considering wastages met in construction applications, % 5 more purchase is not required according to the project.

When the force applied in any situation has been eliminated, it returns its former shape by its memory without breaking. In the event that the groung is with gravel, the pipe is not cracked and broken due to earth and traffic load.

Thanks to its materials, while the fluid flows inside, it does not produce sound on comfort conditions like rigid pipes in especially vertical lines. PP pipe with the thinnest wall thickness produces 2.5 fold-less sound from rigid pipe in watts.

It releases the gases wooden materials release while burning in fire. It does not release toxic gases as in other pipes.

It is shipped with patented manufactured stocking clamp in an efficient way.

Dizayn Waste Water Extra pipe has expected characteristics from a waste water pipe at the highest level. Dizayn Waste Water has minimum expansion in low sound production, temperature differences with its oriented molecular structure because of high unbreakable value, high tightness value, high ring stiffness (resistance to bending), its raw material and it is a wonder of engineering.


Production Qualities

Polyolefin pipes are produced in group of machines called as extruder line. Their fittings are shaped with molding in injection machines. While one sides of pipes are shaped as female with belling technique, the other side is shaped as male (spigot). Gaskets inside which detection circle is placed at the part of belling in pipes and fittings. Pipes are placed in stocking clamps and fittings in bags, then they are shipped.  


- Unbreakable, it provides impact strength determined by standards with % 400 more.

- Never sealed.

- It has double lip gasket.

- It has detection circle preventing removal of gasket during mounting.

-It shows high resistance to chemicals.

- It is lighter than other waste water pipes.

- It is stocked with clamps preventing wastage in the worksite and makes it easy to carry.

- It produces less sound and offers comfort.

- It is mounted easily.

- It can be upholstered in a short time.

- It has 50 year guaranteed life.

-Corrosion does not occur.

- It does not react with minerals and its diameter does not shrink.

- It is not oxidized and does not pollute rain water.

- It does not crack by ice under 0°C with its elastic structure.