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Dizayn Towel Radiators

General Qualities

Heat spreaders used indoor joined towel radiators due to the advantages they offered to their family and have had a prestigious position in the market in a short time.

Beside it performs a beautiful image, towel radiators which has been manufactured in a form that our clothes to be dried are hung and whose functionality is increased are preferred especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

Because electrostatic paint is used, discoloration does not occur over time. Dizayn towel radiators can be supplied as covered with chrome. Chrome covered radiators in same sizes give % 30 less heat to electrostatic painted ones. Because of this high difference, the products with electrostatic paints should be preferred.

Production Qualities

Towel radiators are the products designed by ensuring their heat efficiency stay in desired rate while the functionality increases. Steel profiles become product being connected with welding method.

End parts of circulation pipes (horizontal pipes) are turned before welding process in design towel radiators. This provides that horizontal pipes are connected to vertical pipes smoothly and exactly. Quality problems have been resolved with only this method. Moreover, after making holes in vertical pipes, around is turned. Thanks to this, cross-section of the welding without stretching load and larger. Air one by one is tested under pressure whose welding quality is under 13 bar. 

Dizayn towel radiator products are galvanized and protected from oxygen oxidation within water and corrosive effects.

Other producers clean the surfaces with blast method. Sand with high pressure is sprayed to the product in this method, this causes roughness and slimming of the surface and does not provide any protection to corrosion.

Following this process, it is painted with electrostatic paint with desired colours. A high quality product which does not fade and peel off with the available method. 

In chrome covered products, firstly copper is covered to the surface, then nickel and finally chrome is covered. Products with high adhesion, not peeled and blistered are obtained.

Their Advantages

• Because the same amount of energy can be transferred with less water, it saves energy.

• Due to place of use, it provides ease of mounting.

•The operating pressure is 10 bar and tested at 13 bar.

• It can be cleaned easily.

• It has been painted with electrostatic powder paint technique.

• It can also be offered as chromium- plated.