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Dizayn Steel Panel Radiators

General Qualities

Heating systems consist of three main headings, heat generators, heat carrier and heat spreader. Pex-b pipes produced by Dizayn Group offers products with no alternatives such as pex-b pipes, oxy plus boiler pipes and heat carrier systems.Isıtma sistemleri ısı üreticiler, ısı taşıyıcılar ve ısı yayıcılar olmak üzere 3 ana başlıktan oluşmaktadır. Our firm meets panel radiatorswithin heat spreaders the last element of heating system.

Dizayn Panel Radiators are produced in compliance with TS EN 442 ürün standard by using cold rolled sheet and it shall heat your place in a short time thanks to convectors welded directly on 33.3 mm pitch water circulation channels.

Conectors in Dizayn Panel Radiators have been mounted with triplex convertor system on water channels directly in order to provide high efficiency heat transmission. Water volume heats the environment in a short time because it has little thermal power and high efficiency, it saves fuel besides comfort.

High Operation and Test Pressure

Our panel radiators can be used easily and safely in multi-storey buildings requiring high operating pressure. Our panel radiators are subjected to 120°C maximum operating temperature and 13 bar test pressure automatically for 10 bar operating pressure.

Dizayn Panel Radiators are manufactured in compliance with TS EN 442

Panel radiators subject to degreasing, phosphating, passivization and neutralized rinsing procedures are lined with wet paint process bu using triple technique (spray-dip) with chemical substances and provides excellent resistance to corrosion. All surfaces of radiators baked after primer are painted with epoxy polyester electrostatic powder paint (RAL 9010). Thanks to this, the radiators painted for the first time acquires resistance to impacts and long lifetime.

Thermal Power

Dizayn Panel Radiators have thermal power described in Table.1.

Selection of Radiator Mounting Location

The largets heat loss occurs in glasses in buildings as known.Although double glass application decreases this situation, it does not change it. Therefore, radiators must certainly be projected in way that it can be mounted on the surface of the parapet under the glass except for compulsory casesIf radiators can not be mounted under the glasses because of some architectural requirements,it should be mounted to the outer wall with the highest heat loss. Heated air rises from the radiator inside the room as general characteristics of radiators,cold air flows towards to the radiator and from the surface of floor and rises again. If the area of radiator mounted to the inner wall in wrong mounting way, is too hot and towards outer wall, it shall be quite cold. Moreover, this temperature difference can rise up 8-10°Cs.This heat difference shall form a quiet fast draft in the place. In the events that radiators are mounted properly and correctly towards outer wall and under glass, cold air shall contact with hot air rising over the radiator. Thus the air in the place shall be heated as homogeneous.

A wide Range

Dizayn Panel Radiators are produced as 400-500-600-900 mm of 4 different height, from 400 mm to 3000 mm in 27 different lengths.


Do not use water with high corrosive effect, extremely acidic and thermal water. The radiation to be formed shall give damage to corrosion. Do not empty water within the radiator. That discharging water in the radiator and adding new water shall cause corrosion.

Do not use without the feature of oxygen insulation in your heating system. The oxygen which continue to enter the system cause corrosion in the pipes not insulated.

Do not use your radiator outdoor or the areas the temperature decreases under 0°C.

Freezing of water within the installation shall give damage radiators and nstallatin. Temperature of radiatrs to work is maximum 130°C. Do not use at higher temperatures.

Use radiator air vent for the evacuation of air within the radiator.

Service Life

Dizayn Panel Radiators are 10 year guaranteed with TS EN 442 certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of heat transfer?

Conduction (transmission), convection (transport) and radiation (radiation).

2. How many bar the heat operating pressure for panel radiators?

10 bar

3. What is the standard number the product is in compliance with?

TS EN 442

4. What is the need to heat the room?

Unit heat demand is 40 kcal/h.m 3. 2160 kcal/h heat is required for 20 m2 room at 2,70 m. However,if  heat spreaders (cooker, washing machine, geyser, spot lights) working in the room all the time are available, it shall be useful to extract the effect of these heat spreaders.

5. To which wall of the room radiators should be mounted?

Radiators in the districts wanted to be heated, shuld be mounted to the parts such as buttom of window with the highest heat loss.