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Dizayn Pipe In Pipe

General Qualities

Dizayn Pipe In Pipe pipes are used in mobile heating systems and mobile plumbing systems. It is applied  passing into a sheath (spiral pipe) by the plumber thanks to the advantages Pex-b pipes provide in moble heating systems and mobile plumbings. Dizayn Group passes Pex-b pipe into a sheath during production with the technology it developed and the technology is called as Pipe In Pipe. Pipe In Pipe products are offered to its users in 2 alternative ways, Pex-b Plus Pipe with Oxygen Barrier and Pex-b Plus Pipe.  


· Because covering sheath is made by Dizayn Group during production, it saves workmanship.

· Advantageous in terms of stocking and shipping.

· It can be used at 95 °C at PN10 bar.

· When temperatures also rise up 120 °C momentarily, it shows resistance.

·It shows resistance to chemicals.

·It is delivered as  80 meter coil.

· 100 years life guaranteed at 20° C, 50 years life guaranteed at 95° C.

· Pex-b plus pipe offers its plumber maximum pressure resistance and maximum flexibility simultaneously.

· Dizayn Spiral pipe shows maximum resistance to sun rays.

· Dizayn spiral pipe has the highest impact.

· It prevents oxygen in the air passing from pipe to water and so corrosion to be occurred in the installation can be prevented. (DIN4726).

Where and How to Use

The product is used in mobile plumbing systems and mobile heating systems. The oxygen transmission can be ensured according to DIN 4726 standards thanks to the oxygen barrier. The primary advantages of casing pipe (spiral pipe) are as follows;

1. Heat is transmitted to radiater without losing on the way thanks to the air space left between casing pipe (spiral pipe) and Pex-b pipe.

2.Casing pipe (spiral pipe) prevents the pipe from damaging caused by sharp objects in the application of installation.  

3. When a leak occurs in the pipe because of any reason in a later time after using the installation, pex pipe is removed from inside the sheath and the new pipe is placed in the casing pipe easily without any breaking process.

Collectors are used in mobile heating/plumbing installations. Collectors undertake distribution and collection task in heating installations.Radiator can be provided with independent hot water input and output in mobile heating systems. This ensures that thermal efficiency is higher than classical heating system.