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Upper Structure Product Groups

Dizayn Cornered Gutters and Their Additional Parts

General Qualities

They are the systems rain making gutter and additional parts be collected around the roof of rain water, transmit to rain gutters and so keep rain water away from the building.

The product resistant to external factors provides the opportunity to mount easily.

Production Qualities

Dizayn Group rain gutters are produced from U-PVC raw material appropriate for TS EN 607 standards with appropriate corner and 150 mm. The cornered roof gutter landing systems were designed considering that it complies with all kinds of construction in evacuation of rain water, the image it shall form at the fronts, carrying rain water and discharge amount.

Cornered rain gutter landing systems consist of 6 components. These are as follows;

1 – Cornered rain gutter

2 – Cornered cuff

3 – Cornered cork

4 – Cornered rain gutter clamp

5 – Cornered landing cuff (with round exit)

6 – Cornered bracket


· Dizayn Group is resistant to external factors and does not give opportunity for rain water to overflow even in the lowest slope.

· It is not blocked with dust, soil and plant waste.

· It can be connected to each other with a little force easily and in series and upholstered in a short time without wastage.

· Because they are produced in sensitive sizes, it is impossible to leak through the additional parts with gaskets.

· Dizayn Group is unrivaled with light and strong rain gutters and ease of mounting.

Where and How to Use

Rain gutter and their additional parts are used in removing rain water from all kinds of building.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Dizayn Group rain gutters not unbreakable like Dizayn Unbreakable Waste Water Pipes?

It would not right to expect from rain water to perform the same as Waste Water Pipes because they are produced from PVC raw material.

2. Which types and sizes are Dizayn Group rain gutters?

Rain gutters are produced in cornered type, 150 mm width and 4 m length.