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Considerations, Service Life and Frequently Asked Questions



It should be considered that pipes surface was oil and dirt free in welded joining applications.

Oxide on pipe surface should be removed by layer trimming apparatus .

Before inserting the pipe into fitting, the distance it shall enter should be marked with a marker. Oherwise, it is not understood how much it entered or not. This may cause welding area amount to remain at a risky level.

Because they are not produced as carbon black, pipes should not be stored in environments exposed to sun. Top of stocking areas should definitely be covered.

Service Life

Service life of the product is 50 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what lines with which pressure are PE80 Natural gas pipes used? 

20 bar main lines of natural gas lines are used as steel. PE80 natural gas pipes are used in 4 bar secondary lines. Steel pipe is used again in order of mbar in building.

2. Why is it yellow?

Standards require natural gas is yellow or yellow strip. It provides seperation of yellow natural gas lines from drinking water lines.

3. Can remaining parts from these pipes in drinking water?

Can be used. 4 bar pressure resistance in natural gas refers to 10 bar in water. Because natural gas security coefficient is considered as 4.  

4. What are joining methods?

Natural gas pipes are joined only with electrofusion fittings. As welding area is so large, this method was selected in terms of security.