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Considerations, Service Life and Frequently Asked Questions


Compression should be performed layer by layer to avoid any remaining space around the pipes while filling the channel. Make sure that bottom of the pipe is filled especially with filling material. If filling is performed by compressing well according to specification it fulfills its duty for its whole life as traffic and earth load coming to pipe are transferred to the filling. Otherwise, when there is space, the pipe carries in line with its capacity, collapses when it can not find any place to transfer above its forces. The same situation is also valid for steel pipes.

Sliders such as soap and silicon should be used to insert pipes into fitting in sealed systems. Whether surfaces are clean or not should be controlled before electrofusion welding. Make sure that wires do not contact each other before welding.

Service Life

It is 50 year warranty under 0,5 bar pressure. Because it is produced by adding carbon black, it is not affected by Ultraviolet rays coming from sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is its raw material?

It is produced from Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) raw material. PP gives more SR (ring resistance) value at the same wall thickness.

2. Why is the inside yellow?

There is no special meaning of the colour. It makes appearance beautiful.

3. Why is it produced as ribbed?

When a load is put on an object with a certain thickness, the outer layer carried the most load. This value becomes zero in the center. Material of the part carrtying less load is saved. Pipe weight decreases in significant amount.

4. How many floors does the pipe have?

Those produced as monolithic consist of two layers. Rib formation is given to the outer layer. They can be manufactured in different profiles and many layers according to project in spirals.

5. What are the joining methods?

Corrugated pipes are joined till 450 diameter with sealed method. Spiral pipes are joined with electrofusion welds providing to use extrusion weld and till 4 bar pressure in upper diameters.