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Upper Structure Product Groups

Considerations, Service Life and Frequently asked Questions


PP is in crystallized (glassy) structure under 0°C. It should not be exposed to impact. It should not be carried by throwing during shipping in and under this temperature.

While pipes are being installed spigot side should be inserted by sliding the slider.

The pipe should be inserted to the socket in angle closed to 90° by pushing, otherwise it can drag the joint inside.

If tubing is performed especially in the side exposed to sun, pipe should be pushed to the end of the socket in summer, end part should be left when it enters in winter to avoid deflection by elongation. Before inserting the pipe, how much it shall enter from the outside should be marked with marker at first.

There are cracks in earthquakes in earthquake zones and PP pipe should be used instead of rigid pipe not to face humidity.

There is no need for adhesive used in other pipes. It is harmful.

If stocking is made exposed to the sun, it must be ensured that pipes are straight in an environment with clamps. The temperature difference between upper and lower surface of the pipe may cause deflection. 

Mounting without seals should be avoided removing seal and fastening ring to ensure leakproofness and it should be ensured that there are no dirts such as dust, sand in sealing zone.

Life of Service

The product has 50 year guaranteed life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At which degree fluids can PP Waste water pipes be used?

Dizayn Silence Pipe and its additional parts show resistance to many chemicals up to 95°C in fluids. It also shows resistance to fluids up to 95°C formed for a short time in installations. Table of resistance to chemicals should be looked at according to temperature and type of the fluid to be carried in installations and availability of the material should be identified.

2. Why do Dizayn Pipes not break while others are broken?

While raw material of others are manufactured from PVC in rigid feature, Dizayn pipes are produced from Proypylene raw material showing flexible feature.


3. PP pipes elongates and make deflection in vertical lines in southern side. What should we do?

Borular eğer yazın sıcak bir ortamda, uzamasını tamamlamış durumda iken döşendiğinde boru muf içerisine tamamen oturtularak takılmalı ve standardın talep ettiği şekilde her metrede kelepçe kullanılmalıdır. Borular kışın döşeniyorsa boru boyunun en kısa olduğu zaman demektir. Bu sebeple yazın güneş altında uzayacaktır. Borunun 5 °C’de döşendiğini ve yazın 45 °C’ye kadar ısındığını kabul edelim. Δt = 40 °C olur. Borumuz 1 m uzunluğunda ise 0,15*40 = 6 mm uzayacaktır. Bu uzamayı tolare etmesi için borunun spigot tarafı contayı geçtiği anda bırakılmalıdır. Muf içerisindeki boru girme mesafesi bu uzamayı absorbe edecektir.


4. When PP pipes burn, do they omit HCI gas which is toxic gas?

When PP pipes burn, they do not omit HCI gas which is toxic gas. PVC pipes omit HCI gas which is toxic gas. When PP pipes burn, they omit carbondioxide and carbonmonoxide. This amount is in burning wood parts order.

5.  How much should clamp distance be in Dizayn Wastewater Extra Pipes?

Clamp distance should be in compliance with values provided for horizontal and vertical lines below depending the diameter in Dizayn Wastewater Extra Pipes.