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Considerations and Frequently Asked Questions


It should be considered that cable inserted in pipe PUR is not damaged during mounting. Cable ends should be tied each other in well condition.

Polyethylene bands which can be shrink in joint parts should be heated in a way that there shall be no space remained.

Blocker material should be placed between to prevent PUR from being affected by the sparks released by inner steel pipe during welding.


PUR should be closed in order not to be affected by partial rains open to atmosphere and wet atmosphere in stocking.

While filling the channel layer compression should be made so that ther shall remain no space around the pipes. It must be ensured that especially bottom of pipe is filled with filling material. In the event that there is space remained on pipe surface and compression is not well, friction shall be low and pipe shall elongate more. As compensator is not used in pre stretching systems, it form sone of the sensitive phases of the project.

Whether PUR of pipes are sticked to bearing and casing pipe very well should be controlled. If it is not sticked, friction shall have no inhibitory effect on elongation.

Production facility of manufacturer should not only consist foam compression machine. Because there is no synchronous unit, it shall remain inside as space is not thrown out during swelling of PUR. There is insulation in this area and collapses shall occur with soil load.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Till how much centigrade temperature fluid can it be used?

It can be used till 140 °C.

2. Can it be used in temperatures above 140 °C?

It can be used with rockwool-PUR combination over these temperatures.

3. Can pipes be used in steam bearing?

Yes, those whose inner part is steel can be used.

4. Can it be used in cold water lines?

Pre insulated pipes prevent heat transfer as from inside to outside or from outside to inside. Heat is carried from outside to inside also in bearing cold fluid. Therefore fluid chilled in Chiller can be carried in our pipes without getting warm.

Is compensator used in these pipes?

When upholstry technique with pre insulation is applied, elongation in inner pipe is absorbed thanks to soil friction and elongation does not occur as much as pipes in other systems so that compensator is not required.

6. What is corona process? Is it essential?

Soil friction forces are also used in absorption of elongation of the pipe. PUR should make connection by reacting chemically with both steel and PE to realize this. Environment appropriate for connection between PUR and polyethylene is ensured with Corona process. If corona is not applied, compensator should be used definitely.

7. Is it necessary to establish gallery?

Because these pipes are embedded to the ground directly, there is no need to establih gallery. If established, elongation should be considered.