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Considerations and Frequently Asked Questions




1. Check whether welding machine heats up to 260 C°, thermostat light goes out and threader is clean.

2. Cut the pipe in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the pipe.

3. Place the butt part of the pipe into Butt Trimming Apparatus appropriate for pipe diameter. Remember that it is impossible to cut butts perpendicular to the axis all the time with pipe cutters in the market today. Cutting the pipe butt obliquely cause problems in welding. Butt Welding Apparatus is a smart product designed well to eliminate this problem. Butt Welding Apparatus definitely should be used.

4. Fix the butt of the pipe using Butt Welding Apparatus and ensure that a channel opens in the part with foil. Butt of the pipe should be fixed until butt surface touches to the end of Butt Welding Apparatus. No installation performed without using Butt Welding Apparatus can be guaranteed by Dizayn.

5. Push the pipe and its additional pipe at the same time towards Special Welding Threader vertically. This Special Welding Threader is an engineering detail which has been developed to eliminate potential mistakes of plumber.

6. Combine Dizayn Oxy Plus Boiler Pipe only and only with its additional parts. Our company combined its own pipe with its own additional parts and guarantees installation in compliance with the rules described.

7. Afrer observing first sound then the material come out of the small hole at the end part of Special Welding Threader developed by Dizayn.

8. Combine the pipe and its additional part removed from threader without spending any time. Do not turn the pipe and additional part while welding.

9. Consider the rules drawn attention in Dizayn Group catalogue and brochures.


Butt trimming apparatus and welding threader in welding application of oxy plus boiler should be used properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any difference between oxygen permeability of Oxy Plus Boiler Pipes and Oxy Stable Pipes?

DIN 4726 standard regarding oxygen permeability in installations should be provided. As a result of trimming process before welding process in oxy stable pipes, the pipe remaining without aluminum foil combines with the additional part and welding area remains without foil. It proceeds into aluminum foil pipe in the middle of wall thickness in oxy plus boiler pipe and welding area becomes with aluminum foil. Thus, while there is oxygen transition in welding areas in oxy stable pipes, oxygen transition shall be prevented in oxy plus boiler pipe.

Dizayn Group produced the curves, which were manufactured without aluminum foil and used frequently in the installation, as with aluminum foil for the first time. Thus, oxygen transitions caused by curves were prevented.

2. Can Glass Fiber Reinforced Pipes be used in Heating Installations?

Oxygen insulation should be supplied to prevent of rust, corrosion and potential installation problems(mulfunction of boiler etc, depletion of radiators, rust in installation, increase in fuel costs etc.) dependingly. Because glass fiber reinforced pipes do not provide oxygen insulation, it is definitely wrong to use in heating systems.

3. How much do PPR pipes elongate?

Expansivity of PPR pipes is 1,8*10-4 m/m.K. When the temperature and the length is multiplied, you get amount of elongation. Elongations were reduced in oxy plus boiler pipes with aluminum foil. Expansivity is 0,3* 10-4 m/m.K for oxy plus boiler pipes. You can get information regarding technical calculations from our PPR Technical Catalogue.

4. Do oxy plus boiler pipes or Glass fiber reinforced pipes elongate more?

Oxy plus boiler pipes elongate % 15 less than glass fiber reinforced composite pipes thanks to its aluminum foil. Expansions are in minimum level in oxy plus boiler pipes.

5. How do oxygen pass to the pipe and what is its effect?

The oxygen within the air can penetrate to our fluid through molecule chains as dissolved. When this event is continuous, the oxygen within the fluid reacts with iron atoms in metal parts and creates rust. Amount of rust increases continually in fluid and takes the form of mud. This causes depletions of radiators, functional disorder in valves and not heating mot importantly.  

6. How many years is the warranty?

Oxy Plus boiler pipes are guaranteed for 50 years in 20 ºC in 25 bar. Pressure- temperature- life table  should be consulted for other temperature and pressure values.

7. Why are additional parts not coated with Aluminum? Do oxygen not pass through there?

Fittings are produced with injection molding. Aluminum coating is impossible. Because oxygen permeability is minimized to required standards thanks to Oxy plus boiler pipe, there is no need to use aluminum foil in additional parts.

8. To what diameters are Oxy Plus Boiler Pipes produced?

Oxy plus boiler pipes are produced up to 125 mm.