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Infrastructure Product Groups

Advantages, Considerations, Serive Life and Frequently Asked Questions


It is the most superior product used in evacuation of pre pre-treated water taken from treatment plants till sea streams.

Its guaranteed life against outer effects is 50 years at least and it can be used for 100 years.

As plastics are hydrolic smooth, they show little resistance to fluid and fluid flows with more occupancy. This decreases project costs with selection of one sub diameter group within the project.

There is no loss of product during application.

Because its density is very low compared to concrete and cast, need for business machine goes down to minimum

As wear resistance is high, it does not allow contamination of ground water and soil by depletion.

All kinds of joining parts allow special product to be produced within a project.

When joined with electrofusion, it does not even leak at 4 bar pressure, not disperse by removing its place.

It is not deactivated by being affected and broken by shakes during earthquakes

It can be used in transitions of river, lake and sea.

2 km upholstry can be performed at least a day.

When compared to others, need for diver is vanishingly small in dipping process.

It does not remove from joining parts in movements of earth like rigid pipes.

Flow rate is higher because it is hyrolic smooth and smaller diameters can be selected.

It is not worn, chemical resistance is very high, it is not affected by sea water.


Whether surfaces are clean or not should be controlled before electrofusion weld.

Make sure wires do not contact each other before welding.

Movement by the pipe during giving water to the pipe should be simulated well in dipping process. The pipe should be go down the ground horizontally as much as possible.


Service Life

It is guaranteed for 50 year service life under 0,5 bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is its raw material?

It is produced from Polyethylene (PE) raw material.

What are the joining methods?

Spiral pipes can be joined with butt welding, extrusion welding and electrofusion weldings providing use to 4 bar pressure.