New Wastewater Product: Mute-Triplex!

Quieter than even a whisper!*

Dizayn’s new product “Wastewater Mute-Triplex Pipe”, which is produced specially from PP raw material, has been certified by German Fraunhofer Institute. In the tests, 

Dizayn Wastewater Mute-Triplex Pipe scored way lower from the VDI standart of 25 dB(A) for multifloored buildings and certified as 18 dB(A).

*Loudness level of a whisper in terms of decibels is accepted as 30 decibels.

Noise, which has a negative effect on human health and comfort, causes many psychological and physical ailments such as high blood pressure, headache, insomnia, performance decrease etc.

With its new Dizayn Wastewater Mute (Triplex) that was made specially from PP raw material, D‹zayn Group made sure that wastewater systems comply with DIN 4109 and VSI4100 standards.

In this way, it moved silent pipes one step ahead and made them ‘mute’ With the developing technology, standards have been set for noise formation caused by wastewater and it has been limited in developed countries.

Dizayn Group provides wastewater system installation with Wastewater Mute Pipes that does not violate the comfort conditions in buildings.

Noise formation in the system is prevented with the improved raw material between Polypropylene layers.

Wastewater Mute (Triplex) Pipes are produced in conformity with DIN 4102 and DIN 4109 flammability standards. Wastewater Mute Pipes will be the new wastewater system solution of prestigious projects.

Installations are more silent, more reliable and more resistant thanks to  Dizayn Wastewater Products!


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