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A brand new product series by Dizayn Group, pioneer of innovation in the industry: HI-TECH 2

Having been manufactured by Dizayn Group with PPR raw material as a result of long-continuing R&D studies, consisting of pipes and attachments which are resistant to high pressure, and released to the market with outstanding features such as easy welding, aesthetic design, impermeability, HI-TECH product series have been renewed.
Dizayn HI-TECH Series PPR pipes and fittings, which has made a world of difference in the sector with its production technology, useful internal and external structure and outstanding features, has been transformed into HI-TECH 2 by being equipped with unique features such as; superior torque strength, serrated male fitting metal and new structural design of the fittings.
Having been manufactured with cutting edge technology in accordance with standards, HI-TECH 2 pipe and fittings have an extremely different visual quality with its aesthetic design that provides user-friendly functions.
HI-TECH 2 Series’ custom engineered internal structure reduces friction coefficient and provides energy saving.
Thanks to the conic structure of the fittings, a much more trouble-free and reliable connection is provided; in addition to this, CONSTRICTION, which causes noise and clogging in the installations doesn’t happen by any means. HI-TECH 2 pipe and attachments do not cause any constriction problems after welding. Used in the products and conforming to German DIN standards, special metal parts are totally environmental friendly so that they do not impair the quality of drinking water.  Metal resistance in metallic parts is quite higher compared to other metals.
Serrated structure on HI-TECH 2’s metal sections of the fittings provides ease of handling and safety.
Thanks to the serrations on the exterior surfaces of pipes, easy and CLEAN WELDING is provided. Visual pollution and sleaziness caused by the slag, which occurs as a result of the overflowing of plastic at the vanishing point as faulty workmanship has been prevented completely.
Thanks to HI-TECH 2 pipe and attachments’ different geometries, 50% TIME AND POWER SAVING is provided via connection with socket welding. Economizing both labor time and power, HI-TECH 2 Series has been specially designed so that users enjoy their works and make more secure installations.
Connection of metal fittings of HI-TECH 2 Series has been provided with chemical recombination in contrast to all other inefficient methods known in the sector.  Leakage problem between metal and plastic, which is also a nightmare for installations and installers, has been eliminated by a connection method, which is protected by 3 European patents. Metal and plastic is connected with a method, which is quite different from classical connection methods, and metal and plastic has virtually been transformed into a single material.  Dizayn ENDS THE PROBLEM OF LEAKING.

Technical Superiorities of HI-TECH 2 Series:

1. Apply Easily With User-Friendly Design             

Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 pipes and fittings are designed to make their users’ work easier. Thanks to the serrated metal surface of new HI-TECH 2 male fittings, more reliable and easier application advantage is provided.
2. Point Where Technology and Aesthetics Meet 
Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 Series is a product range that brings technology and aesthetic together as a result of long-term studies of our R&D team and enables water to be carried correctly, securely and economically through the indoor fresh water systems. The high conformity of PPR pipes and fittings along with their technical differences both makes the installer enjoy his business more and more and presents healthy installments while eliminating aesthetic concerns for its users by its visual structure.
3. Attractive Colors for Modern Plumbing
Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 Series PPR pipe and fittings are presented to its users in colors of gold, silver and ivory as well as white, grey and green.
4. 1 Day is 48 Hours with Dizayn’s New HI-TECH Series 
With Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 Series, our craftsmen will be able to weld double than with the available products under normal conditions in a day. We know that time is so important for our plumbers. By using Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 Series, you can decrease the time needed for placing the pipes and fittings to the screw plate in big amounts and spend significantly less power in order to place the place the pipes and fittings to the screw plate.  This way you are way ahead from anyone else.
5. Welding is Cleaner with Dizayn New HI-TECH 2 Series
With Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 Series, no more face the ugly appearance of plastic waste which is generated during the melting process. The nasty appearance of waste material in the junction area of the pipe and the fitting is not wished. With the special design of Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 pipes,  material melted does not shed out of the welding tool; rather squeezes between the pipe and the fitting and long living welding is acquired.
6. With Dizayn’s New HI-TECH 2 Series Plumbings Run Easily
In Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 fittings, local loss coefficients are 30% lower. Water passing though the fitting leaves the fitting with minimum loss thanks to the easy passage presented through Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 fittings. Each fitting is designed after testing with liquid analysis through a computer program. Total loss in fittings composes the large percentage of the total pressure loss in plumbing. Fresh water and central heating systems, established with Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 fittings, run with minimum energy.
7. No More Cracking Pipes Thanks to Dizayn’s New HI-TECH 2 Series
It is inevitable for PPR pipes to be cracked in cold weather. Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 PPR Pipes absorb impact force via its knurled surface design, provides 30% more impact endurance than the regular pipes. 
8. Metal Fittings of Dizayn’s New HI-TECH 2 Series Do Not Leak
In metal fittings leakage of water between the plastic and metal is the biggest problem. In the production of metal fittings in Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 Series, classic techniques are not used. In metal fittings of Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 Series, a newly developed very high technology, called as HIGH PRESSURE INJECTION, of Dizayn is used. This product, protected with three European patents, is not designed to run as two separate parts consisted of metal and plastic; rather as one piece. And now, metal and plastic are not two separate parts; on the contrary it is a unique material.
9. Involvement of “Heavy Metals” in Metal Used in Metal Fittings to Water is Prevented
In the standard of German DIN 50930-6 (EN 12502) published in 2004, since covering on brass material involves heavy metals, it is forbidden to use such coverings for carriage of drinking water. In Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 Series, metal fittings’ brass material is used in MS63 alloy as bare; as stipulated by the DIN standards.
10. Dizayn’s New HI-TECH 2 Metal Fittings Have Torque Values Above the Standards 
One of the most important features showing the joint quality between metal and plastic is the torque strengths. 25-30 N/m torque value is enough for a normal application. These values do not exceed 35-40 N/m value even if more force is applied because of habit. New HI-TECH 2 metal fittings have unreachable torque strengths; more than 5 times over these values. Besides without leakage problem! Leakage problem between metal and plastic that encountered with some other products is eliminated in Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 metal fittings. Outstanding torque strengths and impermeability are presented together in Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2 Series.
11. Dizayn’s New HI-TECH 2 Series Fittings are Conical
The most important factor ensuring welding quality is the conical shape of the joint area of the plastic. Thus an intermediate surface pressure ensuring a good welding is obtained and a more reliable welding is performed at the joint point. Thanks to conical structure of new HI-TECH 2 fittings, constriction problem at the joint points is eliminated. 
12. Perfect Alum Compliance with Dizayn’s New HI-TECH 2 Series
Thanks to the knurled geometry of the outer surface of new HI-TECH 2 pipes, the pipes integrate with the alum. Therefore the risk of pipe’s moving in the trowel coating is avoided. Also with that knurled surface, junction easiness is enabled and plumber can easily hold the pipe. 
13. Welding is Now Easier with Dizayn’s New HI-TECH 2 Series 
New HI-TECH 2 products are inserted into screw plate more gently and easily (Compared to your old experiences, you will feel that the fittings are inserted into the screw plate more easily.). Obtaining safe welding is easier with Dizayn’s new HI-TECH 2!

You never face with the problem of melting of extra material and narrowing water flow path thanks to easy transition in HI-TECH 2 additional parts.

The fact that HI-TECH 2 additional parts enter the threader in a short time and easily provides adjusting welding length accurately and homogeneous heating. Welding length is not positioned correctly and remains short in additional parts entering the welding threader in a difficult way and mechanical qualities of the material weaken at the end zone exposed to more heat.

Heating PPR pipes and additional parts in long term in welding threader causes distribution not only on the surfaces but also in wall thickness.

Time and work force can be saved with easy transition in HI-TECH 2 additional parts welding applications.

High quality moleculer joining can be provided in weldings with HI-TECH 2 additional parts.

An Important Note: Measures of PPR pipe and additional parts are not subject to dimensional control in a way that the pipe or additional part is covered (with diagnosis of easy or difficult transition) into threader while welding threader is cold.

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Following items should be considered in using PPR pipes:

1. Impact on pipes before and after mounting should be prevented and protected against impacts.

2. Exposure of PPR pipes to UV rays for a short time before mounting and after installation of plumbing. Areas exposed to UV rays after İnstallation of plumbing should be isolated.

3. Installation pressure test should be applied to complete installations (DIN 1988). It is wrong to apply pressure test with mains pressure. Installation pressure test should be tested at least for 2 hours a half of working pressure after  completing the installation.

4. PPR pipe installations should be protected against the danger of frost. The areas with risk of frost should be insulated. Water in the installation should be emptied if the installation shall not be used and damage to pipes because of high pressures caused by frost of pipes should be prevented.

5. Metal pipe should be preferred in 1-1,5 meter part of hot water exit because of instant temperatures occured in devices such as geyser and then transition to ppr pipe so that potential problems shall be prevented.

6. Compliance of welding threaders used in welding process to the standards should be considered. Welding process should not be done with threaders whose teflon is worn out.

7. Additional parts of bevel gear should not be used in connections.

8. Dirty pipe and additional parts should not be used before cleaning.

9. Avoid over-tightening in mounting of additional metal additional parts.

10. Be careful about the scissors used in cutting pipes not to be sharp.

11. Technical catalogues should be used to compensate expansions.



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