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How much can we trust in the pipes we use in our infrastructures? Do pipes really provide load and pressure resistance values committed by producers? Shall the pipes we use thinking they would last 50 year, 100 year longing not leave us half-way? Here all such questions and answers of more require testing of infrastructure pipes before being used.  


Values of resistance to load should be determined for installations of pipes to be exposed to traffic and earth load, to be used under ground for long years without any problem and their long term performances should be measured. Otherwise, potential big problems in following years shall be inevitable. Dizayn Group performs a first in infrastructure sector and no matter what its brand is, it provides everybody with free testing of the pipe they purchased. Laboratory environment is being established in worksite thanks to specially developed Mobil SR testing device and tests are being performed in the worksite. So, quality of the pipe purchased is being questioned and the customer has the chance to inspect whether to purchase a pipe in a quailty sold by being committed to itself. 


Having led to many new products to increase quality of infrastructure quality of our country, Dizayn Group aims to prevent using poor quality pipe with its new service Mobile SR testing device and provide establisment of infrastructure to run smoothly for long years.


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