New Waste Water Products of Dizayn: Very Silent!


Waste Water Silent (Nanotech) Pipes:


Multilayer Waste Water Silent Pipes developed by Dizayn Group is more resistant than normal pipes.

Waste Water Silent Pipes are manufactured in three layers as different from normal pipes.

Waste Water Silent Pipes were developed to be used in under ground and indoor with their high ring stiffness. Inner and outer layer of Waste Water Pipes produced in three layers are manufactured from Polypropylene and the middle layer from specially developed Polypropylene raw material. Rounding under ground is prevented thanks to the middle layer, impact resistance of the product increases thanks to the outer Polypropylene layer. Waste Water Silent Pipes are suitable for flammability category DIN 4102 norm. Dizayn Waste Water Products in B2 flammability category do not omit toxic gas (HCI etc.). Elongation and shortening problems caused by temperature difference in installation of Waste Water have been minimized with Waste Water Silent Pipes. Installation problems to be occured as a result of elongation and shortenning due to special layer located in the middle of the pipe have been prevented.

Dizayn Waste Water Silent Pipes are both silent and resistant!

Waste Water Very Silent (Triplex) Pipes:

We improved ourselves!

Having negative effects on health and comfort of people, noise causes many psychological and physical disorders such as hypertension, headache, insomnia, low performance.

The new product produced specially from PP raw material of Dizayn Group, “Dizayn Waste Water Very Silent Pipe (Triplex)” was certificated by German Fraunhofer Institute. In the tests applied, Dizayn Waste Water Very Silent Pipe (Triplex) dropped below the determined value as 25 dB(A) in multi-storey buildings according to VDI standards, registered as 18 dB(A). So, we moved our silent pipes one step further and made it as very silent.

Sound occurrence caused by waste water installation in the buildings was described by standards with the developing technology and restricted in developed countries.

Dizayn Group provides establishment of waste water installation not disrupting comfort conditions in structures with its new generation Very Silent Pipes.

Waste Water Very Silent Pipes are produced in compliance with DIN 4102 and DIN 4109 flammability standards. New waste water installation solution of prestigious projects shall be Very Silent Pipes.

Installations with Dizayn Waste Water Products are more silent, more reliable, stronger!


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