A Big Mistake in Heating Installations!


When aluminum foil-free pipes are used in heating installations, the oxygen within the air reaches to plastic heating installation water, a porous structure, due to  concentration difference. The oxygen entering the system causes rust in the system, boiler and radiator malfunctions, blockages, increase in fuel costs and such problems. Many boiler producers do not activate warranty of the boiler in the event that the pipes used in installation does not provide oxygen insulation.


It is absolutely wrong to use normal ppr pipes, glass reinforced ppr pipes in installations instead of aluminum foil pipes.  Because glass-reinforced pipes and PPR pipes are not accurately equivalent as aluminum foil pipes, it is wrong to use them in heating installations. The amount of the oxygen entering the system in heating installations must be under the value of 0.1 mg/day according to DIN 4726 standard. If this value is not ensured, installation failure, increase in fuel costs shall be inevitable.


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