Dizayn Group Mobile Production Facility

The unique mobile production system pioneered by Dizayn Group for spiral pipes present huge advantages. Especially bringing in big amounts by deleting transportation costs almost totally, this technology also contributes substantially to the protection of the environment due to the items it subtracts from the project.

Used in different cities (Sivas, Çorum and Sinop) in Turkey before and newly being used in Ordu, contractor firms’ costs are reduced in significant amounts thanks to this magnificent technology. Especially in Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) projects, corrugates spiral pipes are needed in big radius. By the use of our mobile production facility pipes up to 2,5 m radius can be produced on site. Thanks to Dizayn Group’s on site production technology transportation costs are almost totally eliminated and project costs are reduced.

One other important advantage presented by Dizayn Group mobile production facility to project owners and contractors is the reduction in assembly costs. Corrugated spiral pipes, which can be produced at most up to 10 meters long because of the transportation limitations, can be produced up to 100 meters long thanks to Dizayn Group mobile production system. Thus, costs for assembling each pipe decreases significantly.

These products also have the fragility of being diminished while transported. By mobile production system this risk is eliminated. Hundreds of hours and labor power that needed for the upload and unload of tens of trucks is saved.

Another important saving from expense items in this type of projects is the lesser usage of petroleum. Tons of oil to be used on hundreds of kms roads by tens of trucks is saved by this system. Additionally, by excluding those trucks from the roads, both the possible traffic load and the exhaust of toxic gases to the air by them are prevented.

Constantly leading innovation in its sector by its focus to serve humanity, Dizayn Group makes a great contribution to the project owners and to the environment by its mobile production technology. Dizayn Group Mobile Production technology strengthens both the employer’s and the contractor’s hand. Dizayn Group, produces the future by its Mobile Production facility, which multiplies its importance also by its contribution to the environment.

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