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“As Dizayn Group, we had to make a significant and so difficult decision before beginning production programme. We would begin with the license from a company abroad or have difficulty firstly and then be thrown upon our own resources and succeed to be a firm which shall provide license.”

Hundreds of manufacturers in Turkey consider making their production with the license of a stronger firm than themselves as the easiest and risk-free way. Licensor usually is from the outside Turkey. This decision they’ve made in the beginning often determines the destination of firms. Limited information is provided against large amounts of money given to licensors, development activities are also left to licensors. Licensee has to keep going only with limited information transferred by the licensor. This can be called as a kind of technical hegemony.

Dizayn Group, struggled not to enter into this vicious cycle and succeeded it.

Dizayn Group is a firm which develops products worldwide, manufacture them and always get positive reactions from the market. For this reason, intangible assets constitute one of the biggest shares among the actives of Dizayn Group, a Mir Holding subsidiary.

İbrahim Mirmahmutoğulları
Mir Holding
The Chairman

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