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Human Resources

In terms of catching competitive advantage for organizations, considering human as a strategic source is not more enough. The application becoming important day by day in the world whose borders are removed and globalized went beyond the management of human resources. “Management of human abilities” has gained more importance than management of human resources.

Mission of Human Resources

In line with the mission and vision of Dizayn Group, to create an environment which employees can work with high motivation and harmony, learn continuously, improves competences, take individual responsibility, add value as individuals open to innovations...

Vision of Human Resources

To make employees as individuals flexible, think competitively, innovative, bring total quality managements as life style, create synergy, adapt to changes faster and lead them...

Management Principles of Human Resources:

• Keeping motivation and loyalty to organization of employees in the forefront
• Creating an atmosphere to improve and train themselves continually
• Planning and developing careers of individuals in line with the needs of organization systematically
• Planning manpower and back up organizational
• Fair pricing and promotion policies
• Giving feedback to individuals related to their performances
• Recruiting stuff according to quality and needs
• Honoring employees in front of society and be respectful to personal rights
• Enriching sports, cultural and social activities and providing support for them