Dizayn Group, established in 1987 to conduct R&D works, succeeded to produce its first R&D output of PPR pipes and fittings with specially designed molecular structure in 1991.
Since the brand name Dizayn has been identified with the production and sales of pipes and fittings in time, Dizayn has been positioned as a pipe brand and the R&D team has been restored as an independent body with the name Mir AR-GE.
Dizayn Group had been gathered under the roof of Mir Holding in 2010 like Mir AR-GE and other companies under the holding.
Mir AR-GE succeeded to settle all the companies within the holding to a particular place in the World by using 6% of Mir Holding’s revenue for R&D works.
Producing the firsts in Turkey like corrugated pipes, PP wastewater pipe, PE 100 fresh water pipes, PEX floor heating pipes, PE 80 natural gas pipes; Dizayn Group has its sign under so many firsts both in its sector and in the world. Oksi Plus Combi Pipe with centered folio, PPR fittings with metal having a patented system of molecular bond between their metal and plastic and PE pipe at 1.600 mm diameter and PN 12,5 pressure resistance, which was produced as first throughout the world by
Dizayn Group, are some of the many examples.
Dizayn Group is producing more than 4.000 different products and 23 different systems.
• Superstructure Product Group
Indoor clean water systems
Indoor waste water systems
Indoor heating installation systems
Radiator product group
Metal Systems
• Infrastructure Product Group
Drinking water systems
Sewerage systems
Natural gas systems
Pre-isolated city heating systems
• Agricultural Irrigation Product Groups
Drip irrigation systems
Sprinkler irrigation systems
Drill pipes

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