is the founder of Dizayn Group and not only is the chairman of Mir Holding but also the chairman of UTB.

Because İbrahim MİRMAHMUTOĞULLARI gives importance to development of his country and technological developments, many projects and studies have been carried out related to this issue.

MİRMAHMUTOĞULLARI established “Brain power versus brain migration” campaign in order to prevent brain migration, considered as the major problem of the country, transferred to the outside or demoralized inside in any way. He supported a part of the projects of masterminds till the process of turning into industry so that they wouldn’t go the outside.  Moreover, he supported 8 or 10 PhD thesis per year with the academic counsellers of nearly 25 different universities, providing that they would be published in prestigious journals so that Dizayn Group worked as a small university.

- The year 2002 GESİAD, “Businessman of the Year Award”

- The year 2002 Sakarya University “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” 

- The year 2002 Dünya Newspaper, “Businessman of the Year Award”

- The year 2002  WYBA Philippines, “World’s most Successful Young Businessman Award”

- The year 2002 WYBA Turkey, “Young Entrepreneur Award and Universal Contribution Award, Turkey Final of World Young Businessmen Contest”

- The year 2003 İGİV “Brand of the Year Award”

- The year 2003 GAGİAD, “Special GİAD Award”

- The year 2003 UNESCO, “Cannes International ‘Water and Water Management’ Award”

- The Year 2009 İSO İNNOVATION "the grand prize"

- The Year 2009 TAÇED Traditional Service Awards “Company of the Year” Award

İbrahim MİRMAHMUTOĞULLARI was born in Sivas on May 17, 1964. MİRMAHMUTOĞULLARI, completing Primary and Secondary Education in Sivas, studied at Department of Mechanical Engineering at Yıldız Technical University. Dizayn Group, he founded as project firm in 1987, now exports to over 80 countries with patents over 100.  

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