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Environment and Sustainability

One of the primary leading organizations about production technology, Dizayn Group has adopted environment protection as business policy beyond obeying environment laws since foundation of the company in 1987. Promoting environment responsibilty among all employees, Dizayn Group keeps the environment and nature friendly life philosophy in all production and management departments. significant is a firm which adopted following significant elements on the basis of priciple:

Maintaining environment protection studies from selection of raw material in its production till the diposal process, Dizayn Group produces with ZERO WASTE in production facilities. Within the scope of working with zero waste, our household wastes are destroyed completely in our 250 person package treatment plants. Thanks to this facility household waste is taken from septic pit and treated water is sent to sewage, its sludge is sent to drying pool. After that, sediments collected in sludge drying pool are taken and eliminated by the expert organization with licence.

Barrels of oil required for our machines used in production, except for household wastes, are taken by another organization with licence and destroyed. Our wastage materials can be used through recycling. Bags of raw materials, wet carton papers and metal sawdust are taken by another organization with licence.

Giving importance to human health and protecting this with all products manufactured, Dizayn Group made all necessary investments to fulfill its responsibility to environment and nature. One of the important reasons of this investment is that products of Dizayn Group are produced in line with environment protection policy and have advanced and modern technology.

Tos um up point of view of Dizayn Group; “As Dizayn Group, we are happy to undertake responsibility to protect human, environment and natural life.” Products of Dizayn Group are produced in line with our policy of environment protection and an advanced technology product.

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Environment and Sustainability

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